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nolyrics is a Music Production Group. Founded in Poland by Norbert Grzegorczyk.

Trusted by: Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Chapell Poland, DefJam Poland, SBM Label, BOR Crew, Asfalt Records, Universal Music Group.
Seen on: Epic Music World, College Music, ThePrimeThanatos, The ‘80s Guy.
Worked with: Otsochodzi, Szczyl, Pezet, Oki, Kozi, Joda, Tymek, schafter, rosalie, Patricia Kazadi, Young Igi,

Trill Pem, Young Multi, Belmondo, Asthma, Fukaj, Sentino, Rizi Beizeti, Brayliin, Kara, OIO and many more!
Composed Music for brands: hypetalk, Zyxel, Agora, Israel Democracy Institute, PTV Telecom, VINCI Immobilier …

NMG. (nolyrics. Music Group)

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