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1. Music licensing
2. Our products, licenses, etc.
3. General questions

About music licensing.

What does it mean to lease a beat?

When you purchase a beat, instrumental lease, you are simply buying the rights to use the beat in a limited and non-exclusive capacity that is, you can earn money on yours song and distribute it on certain conditions consistent with the license description.

Ok I want to buy a beat from you guys, When will I receive my beat(s)?

Your beat(s) will be instantly available for download directly from the order summary page once you checkout and your payment has been processed. Download links to the beat files and license agreement will appear on your order summary page once you complete the checkout process. Additionally, an email will be sent to the address provided at checkout with the download links immediately after purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email right away. If you have any trouble accessing the files, email us at and we will send them to you manually. The same goes for our products (WHOAREYOU. SOUNDKITS).

what are the types of licenses

The licenses we sell most often are:


Both licenses allow you to do everything from digital distribution with music video to the CD release. If you are looking for a no-limit option, consider purchasing an EXCLUSIVE or UNLIMITED LICENSE.


As for all the licenses we offer, the list is below:

  1. 👍  BASIC LEASE (MP3) – Only for digital distribution (Like Spotify, Soundcloud etc)
  2. 💛 PREMIUM LEASE (WAV) – CD Release + YT Video

For sync video licenses for commercial projects, www, cinema, film festivals, ads contact us first at (only valid if your project (will) exceed 1 million broadcast audience)

I want the instrumental / beat to be only mine!

Each of our instrumental / beat is available for purchase in the form of an exclusive license (EXCLUISVE RIGHTS), if you are interested and want to become the exclusive owner of the beat + be able to register your song in the content identification system, e.g. YouTube CID, write us an e-mail or click the MAKE AN OFFER button on our official store


If you buy the Exclusive Rights to the beat, It will be immediately removed from our beat store and ownership rights are granted to the purchaser.

You can also write to us or go to the tab on the “SERVICES” page, and we will make a custom instrumental for you!

What’s the difference between an Unlimited License and an Exclusive?

The usage rights are the same for both: you get unlimited sales, streams, etc. The difference is, if you purchase the Exclusive, the ownership rights to the beat are transferred to you and the beat is immediately removed from our beat store, never to be sold to another artist again. The Unlimited License is still non-exclusive, so even though you get the same usage rights as if you owned the Exclusive, the beat will remain in our beat store for others to lease or buy.

What are stems?

Stems (also known as track outs) are the individual audio files that make up a beat, meaning each sound within the beat will be sent as a separate high quality WAV 24/32 Bit audio file. Leases that include stems, track outs are ideal if you plan on recording your song in a professional studio and want to have full control over mixing each instrument around your vocals.

What if I purchase a non-exclusive license and then later on, someone purchases the Exclusive Rights?

The purchase of Exclusive Rights to a beat does not impact the status or validity of previous licensees so you do not need to remove your music from streaming services, social media, etc.

Each license is valid for a period of 10 years, if you bought a license and someone bought an exclusive after you, your track will not be removed, we always provide the full list of people who bought a beat to the artist’s distributor who bought (own) this beat exclusively in order to “whitelist” earlier songs in YT CID (content id system).

In short, nothing happens with your song, if someone buys exclusive and you have a license, e.g. unlimited, after a period of 10 years, FORMALLY you should buy a license for the second time to extend period, but IF it will not be available (because someone bought exclusive already) we can always make a custom beat for you!

Can I use the beats on for my podcast intro, YouTube video, or Facebook ad?

Sure! For sync video licenses for commercial projects, www, cinema, film festivals, ads contact us first at (only valid if your project (will) exceed 1 million broadcast audience).
Otherwise, a $ 75 WAV license will be everything you need.

What happens if I exceed the stream/unit sale limit of my current lease?

You must upgrade your lease to the next tier by contacting us at The cost of the upgrade is simply the price of the new lease minus the amount you already paid for your original lease.

Are you able to mix and master the entire album (7-14 tracks) and how long will it take + are there any discounts for large orders (beats included) ?

Yes, we are able to mix the entire album, ep or even a single, more information about it and make an order page can be found HERE (SERVICES).

Discounts for large orders are also possible 


My YT Video got demonetized! (Content ID), What can I do now?

A copyright notice does not mean that copyrights have been infringed, and this shouldn’t be confused with a YouTube “copyright strike”. It’s simply a notice to advise that YouTube has detected Content ID registered content within the video, and that further information/action is needed.


If you are a thief 😢, your song will be monetized by us OR in extreme conditions, we will take down your song, video. and even if we are in a bad mood your YT channel will receive a copyright strike.

If you’ve licensed the music from our stores (including stock music), you will be easily able to clear this notice and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


  1. To clear a claim via YouTube, you simply need to let YouTube know that you have licensed the music and have the rights to use it. Simply choose to “dispute” the claim by clicking the “matched third party content” copyright notice next to the video in your Video Manager, or on your dedicated copyright notices page. After you click “file a dispute”, select the option “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”.
  2. In the “Reason for dispute” box, copy/paste the contents from your purchased license certificate. You may also wish to include the statement “A license to use this beat by nolyrics was purchased from”.
  3. Once you submit the dispute, claims are usually cleared within 24 – 96 hours. If any issues arise, contacting us directly can often help to expedite clearing a claim as well.
I didn't like the instrumental I bought or I'm smarter than you and want a refund for my purchase!

unfortunately, but like most virtual products


About our products.

license terms in short
  • LOOP KITS (products on the basic license # 1):

you can sell your beats, instrumentals, music in which you used our loops without sharing any profit with us, we also do not require any split or credit, but you can help us by tagging us on your productions (prod. nolyrics @nolyrics). You cannot register the song you made with our melodies in any content identification system, e.g. YouTube Content ID!

If you hit a large major placement and you sign an exclusive contract, we do not charge any % of your revenue, but we will be very happy to learn about the song that we have been able to co-create in some way.

Visible credits are also appreciated!


  • CONSTRUCTION KITS (products on the basic license # 2):

Same as above, except you can’t use the melodic elements (melodies) from the demo tracks. So you can use all midi files, drum stems and other sounds (one shots), but you cannot use our melodies because they are copyrighted compositions by nolyrics. You cannot resell demo tracks in any form! You can register the song, beat you made with our non melodic content in any content identification system, e.g. YouTube Content ID!

products licenses

We have 2 license templates, one license covers “loop kits, midi kits, one shots” products, the other license covers “construction kits” products.

These licenses are valid for all our products in our official store (link) and for products sold by our 3rd party partners.





100% Royalty free? I'm guessing there's a catch.

you keep 100% of the revenue your music generates, you don’t have to credit us.

Sample clearing in case of major / minor placement is not needed, but we will be grateful for adding nolyrics as a collaborator (prod. nolyrics, @nolyrics)

What is the average size of your products?

We look at our products in an really unique and exclusive manner, so we try to make each our product to be really outstanding in terms of content, our products size varies from 1gb to even 10gb to meet your expectations!

Do you give discounts on large orders?

Yes, if you plan to buy 3+ products at once, write us on instagram, fb, email and we will give you a great discount!

What I need to use your products?

Each product in the description on our beatstars or yt has information about the minimum requirements, such as daw version, vst list, etc.


unfortunately, but like most virtual products



if you are disappointed with our products please contact us and we will find a solution.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what we could do better!

Can I break the rules and sell demo beats from construction kits as my own?

no, we register all demo beats in the content identification systems, if you sell our demo track by signing it as yours, your future buyer will get a copyright strike on his song.

why if i bought your product, my beat gets demonetization on yt ?!

It’s possible that another producer has registered the track with our loop in the CID system, send us an e-mail as soon as possible with a link to the beat, we will solve the problem.

(Registration of songs in CID using our melodic loops is prohibited as stated in the license).

General Questions.

Where are you guys from? How big is your group?

We work exclusively in a stable team of 18 people, additionally adding graphic designers and people dealing with management, I can say that we work with over 20 talented people.

nolyrics was founded in Poland, Lublin, but we also work with people all over the world, although the main part of our group are Poles

is it possible to make beats with you in your studio?

if you are a singer, recording artist and you live in Poland or you are able to get here, it is possible 

are you looking for new members?

rather not, we will scout people who we think will be suitable for us, but we are always willing to work with distribution partners who have their own product stores (loop kits and more) or people who want to work for us as sales representatives (affiliate marketing)

youngest and oldest nmg. member

Paweł “GRONO” Gronek (16ys old)
Michał “NEGATIVE_BROTHER” Lis (28ys old)

who manages nolyrics. (main representative)

Norbert Grzegorczyk

I am the producer, can I send you loops?

Sure, the fastest way is to pm @itsnolyrics profile on instagram.

Is it possible to make a living with music?


nolyrics logo

Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.




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